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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Create a business card for FREE! Yes thats right FREE!

Welcome to my weekly "FREEBIE" blog. Today I will get you started on desiging a simple business card.

“There is beauty in simplicity" - Sometimes we have to stop thinking and let our creative intuition design. Today we learn how to get started.

I will be posting weekly blogs on Graphic, Web & Social Media Designs. So Stay tuned!

How do we get started?

Well first you will need to open Word / Powerpoint (Microsoft) on you computer. Then go to your web brower and or click on this link . Once you select the design of your choice, download, then open the file once it's done downloading. Once the template is open click at the top "Enable Editing" to get started. Next you will click on the first card to your left and replace the information with your contact information. To add a different icon and or generic logo search online (for example: "Housing Icons PNG") the type of icon and or logo your looking for. The png after the word in search helps you target images with transparent backgrounds. Once you finish the Business Card make sure to Save it first then PRINT. Your all set, you have just design a simple business card.

> If you made it this far and want to give that business card an original look contact me to get started on your business card for only $20 to Design. (954) 488-3145

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